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Katara’s Traditional Dhow Festival 2016


Almost a month ago, Katara hosted the 6th traditional dhow festival. Dhows are traditional sailing vessels used in the Red Sea and Indian Ocean region and are an important aspect of Qatari culture. That important that some tourist activities in the region introduces a visitor to dhow, such as dhow cruises and this dhow festival.

Judging from the turnout of visitors in Katara to participate in the festival, I can say it was a hit. It seems all Qataris gathered in Katara that night which added to the authenticity of the festival. A lot of visitors also came and surely were not disappointed with how they spent their evenings. The festival was a photographer’s delight, with millions of subjects to click their cameras or mobiles to.

Easily, to date, this must be my most favorite event throughout my stay in Qatar. My photos as always may not do it justice, but here are they anyway…

Let’s throwback to the 6th Traditional Dhow Festival…




And the stars of the night, dhows in different sizes and purpose, not only from Qatar but from other GCC countries as well.

Ain’t it one wonderful Qatari evening? Yup, next year, In’shallah I am still here, I will be on the lookout for the 7th festival 🙂



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