Just Thinking Aloud, Sometimes

Sometimes, in most times that I am not on vacation, the mind and/or the heart goes on their own journeys.

Most times I am able to keep these thoughts to myself, sometimes, I can’t. And so, here I am just thinking aloud, sometimes…

Come and think aloud with me!

Career Wise

Leadership 102: The Senior vs. The Rookie

Leadership 101: Defying Culture

Bring Me Down

Party Time!

I’m 5 Years Old!!!

D’s Quinquennial Award

New Years of 2014

An Impromptu Bridal Shower

Yappy Halloween!!!

Birthday  Travel Vision-board

Of General Travels

Ain’t I Just Lucky Today?

The Ties That Bond

Woohoo!!! It’s That Time 🙂


Thank God for Travel Buddies

Trip to Americas = Trip to Myself

Random Ramblings

Have You Seen Her Lately?

Time for a Cool Change

Loyalty Does Have Its REWARDS

Thoughts on War Zone Nightmares

My Thoughts on Independence and Freedom

The Dementors in Our Midst: Thoughts from Harry Potter Books 

To You Who Inspired Me To Write (Again)

The Best Lessons I Learned Before I Turned 31


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