Loyalty Does Have Its REWARDS

I am very excited. I got my new phone yesterday. The best part? It didn’t cost me anything… Well, probably that’s not┬ácompletely true. Because… It cost me 3-4 years of loyalty to Roshan (I have been a Roshan customer since I came in Kabul 5+ years ago) and to my company (who provides us free… Continue reading Loyalty Does Have Its REWARDS


The Open Secret in Kabul Airport

My latest experience in Kabul International Airport is one of the most daunting and uninspiring I ever had. I’ve been going in and out of this airport for the past 5 1/2 years, and each one has been eventful in one way or the other. I bought decorative puzzle tiles from the camp bazaar for… Continue reading The Open Secret in Kabul Airport


D’s Quinquennial Award

Remember me writing about my fifth year at work in February? Well, 5 years with the company is a recognized milestone and employees are being honored in a simple gathering every month. While I should have gotten mine in February, my transfers to different programs almost every year had the HR personnel confused and so… Continue reading D’s Quinquennial Award