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Where to Eat in Nairobi: The Carnivore

Dining at The Carnivore is one of the highly recommended activities for tourists in Kenya. It was selected by Restaurant Magazine twice as one of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants. When the restaurant opened in 1980, it was popular because of the game meat they served. In 2004, the serving of game meat is banned by the Kenyan… Continue reading Where to Eat in Nairobi: The Carnivore


Moroccan Sahara Night

I love to watch the sky Smiling at the stars Laying on the ground Gentle is the breeze Wish it never cease Soothing my mind Makes me wanna shout Sahara night – F. R. David (Sahara Nights) This song played in my iPod one day and it brought back memories of my Moroccan Sahara adventure with my… Continue reading Moroccan Sahara Night