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Armenian Eats

One of the top things most tourists/travelers dig when in a new place – FOOD. I was not an exception in my latest trip to Armenia. It was winter time, mobility is sometimes an issue, so what is the best and cheap time to discover the country’s culture? Eat! Fortunately, the food gods must have heard… Continue reading Armenian Eats


Visit to Garni Temple

Garni is an easy destination from Yerevan, often combined with a trip to Geghard monastery. In winter, day tours usually just include these 2 places, but in high season, these are combined with other sights nearby Yerevan. This is Garni Temple on a good day. This is the Garni temple that I saw. It has a different… Continue reading Visit to Garni Temple


Armenia’s Best Kept Secret

You may have gotten a hint by now how much I enjoyed my spontaneous, non-regimented, solo travel in Armenia. Honestly, my expectations of this trip was surpassed though my movement was restricted and influenced by the weather. What makes for it? Travelling solo, and without the usual long planning and research I was used to, safety… Continue reading Armenia’s Best Kept Secret