Visit to Garni Temple

Garni is an easy destination from Yerevan, often combined with a trip to Geghard monastery. In winter, day tours usually just include these 2 places, but in high season, these are combined with other sights nearby Yerevan. This is Garni Temple on a good day. This is the Garni temple that I saw. It has a different… Continue reading Visit to Garni Temple


Kazbegi’s Tsminda Sameba: A View in the Clouds

If there was one thing my friend and I were excited about in our trip to Georgia, it was our stay in Rooms Hotel. And the reason why we were going to Kazbegi was to see the iconic Tsminda Sameba, also known as Gergeti Trinity Church. We went in-between summer and autumn and we found… Continue reading Kazbegi’s Tsminda Sameba: A View in the Clouds


The Holy Land Pilgrimage: Day 5

It’s Christmas Day! Though disappointed for not being able to hear the Christmas Eve mass, everybody started the day in high spirits. We were hoping and was promised by our tour guide that we will be attending a Christmas Day mass. Our itinerary for today is in line with the occasion, Christmas. We will be exploring Bethlehem and… Continue reading The Holy Land Pilgrimage: Day 5