Lovely Lourmarin

It was 8:30 in the morning when we alighted at our first “Most Beautiful Villages of France” destination. It was a Friday and we coincided our (very short) visit with the Lourmarin Market Day. With our luggages in tow, we headed towards the center of the village. Our first impression of the village: QUIET. It… Continue reading Lovely Lourmarin

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Katara’s Traditional Dhow Festival 2016

Almost a month ago, Katara hosted the 6th traditional dhow festival. Dhows are traditional sailing vessels used in the Red Sea and Indian Ocean region and are an important aspect of Qatari culture. That important that some tourist activities in the region introduces a visitor to dhow, such as dhow cruises and this dhow festival. Judging from… Continue reading Katara’s Traditional Dhow Festival 2016

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Qatar Year of Culture 2016: China

This is the fifth year that Qatar Museums sponsors a cultural exchange program with other countries. For a whole year various activities, exhibits and programs are held to promote cultural awareness, appreciation and camaraderie between Qatar and its guest country. Last year featured the rich Turkish culture and it somehow brought me back to my… Continue reading Qatar Year of Culture 2016: China