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Katara’s Traditional Dhow Festival 2016

Almost a month ago, Katara hosted the 6th traditional dhow festival. Dhows are traditional sailing vessels used in the Red Sea and Indian Ocean region and are an important aspect of Qatari culture. That important that some tourist activities in the region introduces a visitor to dhow, such as dhow cruises and this dhow festival. Judging from… Continue reading Katara’s Traditional Dhow Festival 2016


Film City: One of Qatar’s Best-kept Zekreet

Taking advantage of the still-comfortable weather here in Qatar, while the summer heat seems to be delayed in its arrival (compared last year), we spent one Friday afternoon to head to western Qatar and discover the secrets in the middle of the desert – Zekreet. Zekreet boasts of a number of secrets waiting to be… Continue reading Film City: One of Qatar’s Best-kept Zekreet