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Katara’s Traditional Dhow Festival 2016

Almost a month ago, Katara hosted the 6th traditional dhow festival. Dhows are traditional sailing vessels used in the Red Sea and Indian Ocean region and are an important aspect of Qatari culture. That important that some tourist activities in the region introduces a visitor to dhow, such as dhow cruises and this dhow festival. Judging from… Continue reading Katara’s Traditional Dhow Festival 2016

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Sheraton Grand Doha’s Oktoberfest @ The Backyard

If there is one festival that has gone too viral that many other countries celebrate their own version while attempting to be as close to being as authentic as possible, it has got to be Germany’s Oktoberfest. Oktoberfest is held every year in Munich running from mid or late September to the first weekend of… Continue reading Sheraton Grand Doha’s Oktoberfest @ The Backyard


Amid the Lavenders of Sequim

In July, 2012, my grandmother, my uncle and I were attending my cousin’s wedding in Spokane, Washington. The wanderlust in me searched for places in Washington that’s worth visiting while we were there. Of course, Seattle was in the list. And, what else… I found out that there was a Lavender Festival happening in a quaint… Continue reading Amid the Lavenders of Sequim