The Colors of Roussillon

Going to Roussillon, like Gordes, from Bonnieux, is challenging if you are relying on the public transport. We forewent going to Gordes on our first day in Bonnieux, and went to Menerbes instead. We didn’t want to miss Roussillon, that’s why we made sure to arrange for a visit the next day. What makes a trip… Continue reading The Colors of Roussillon

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Scenic Drive at Georgian Military Highway

Sometimes we regret listening to travel advices we find online. Most times we don’t. Our research for our Georgian escapade was executed according to what we decided best based on what we read. A common denominator of most, if not all, blogs and articles we read is that, Georgian Military Highway is awesome and not… Continue reading Scenic Drive at Georgian Military Highway


Dubai Miracle Garden, Take Two!

Welcome to… This second visit to witness another “miracle” didn’t disappoint. The area is now more laden with flowers compared before. The theme this year seems to be floral homes, some clustered together to form villages. They were so nice to look at, and I imagine how it is to be living in a house covered with… Continue reading Dubai Miracle Garden, Take Two!