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Running my Way on a Friday Morning

Cool days are here! And it’s Friday! The only day in the week I am free to do something (or nothing) outside of the daily grind. There are a lot of outdoor activities all over Doha (and Qatar) now, with winter season just around the corner. I have begun to be on a lookout of weekend… Continue reading Running my Way on a Friday Morning


Spelunking Sagada

spelunking: spe·lunk·ing (noun): the sport or practice of exploring or studying caves Sagada, located in Mountain Province in Northern Philippines, is a nature lover’s paradise and an adventurous spirit’s heaven. That on our visit in May, 2013, together with my family, nature and adventure were part of the itinerary (for us not-sokids-anymore, at least). It is mandatory for… Continue reading Spelunking Sagada