Keukenhof’s Inspirational Gardens

Across the canal from the Mill Area are the 7 inspirational gardens of Keukenhof. According to the park’s website, these inspirational gardens are meant to provide inspiration for your own garden. Some showcases were fun, some were very creative. Some were very photogenic. But I enjoyed them all! Recycling Garden The recycling garden is visible… Continue reading Keukenhof’s Inspirational Gardens


Flower Show at Keukenhof’s Oranje Nassau Pavilion

Keukenhof is not just an outdoor garden. There are several pavilions in different areas of the garden that showcase different flower shows. And I tell you, they are not to be missed. My favorite flower show is the one in the Oranje Nassau Pavilion. This section of the park is the last area we visited and only… Continue reading Flower Show at Keukenhof’s Oranje Nassau Pavilion

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My Day at the Keukenhof Garden

Finally. After how many springs past, I was able to travel to Netherlands and visit Keukenhof Gardens in Lisse, just outside of Amsterdam. Another dream come true. And I could feel my excitement and could almost hear my heartbeat as the plane nears landing in Schipol Airport. It was Saturday. We planned to wake up early… Continue reading My Day at the Keukenhof Garden