Dubai Miracle Garden, Take Two!

Welcome to… This second visit to witness another “miracle” didn’t disappoint. The area is now more laden with flowers compared before. The theme this year seems to be floral homes, some clustered together to form villages. They were so nice to look at, and I imagine how it is to be living in a house covered with… Continue reading Dubai Miracle Garden, Take Two!

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Christmas 2014: Souk Madinat Jumeirah’s Souk Festive Market

During Christmas time, Dubai prides of its ability to transform itself into a Winter Wonderland. Almost having a Western ambiance, minus the biting cold of snow. One such place that I really wanted to visit last year was Madinat Jumeirah’s Festive Market. Its promotional ads paint the feel of being in one of Europe’s Christmas markets,… Continue reading Christmas 2014: Souk Madinat Jumeirah’s Souk Festive Market

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My Christmas in the Desert

I know. It’s summer in Dubai and here I am writing about Christmas. I was browsing photos in my memory card and I saw the pics. I remember I made a mental note then to blog about it, and obviously that didn’t happen 😀 So, here I am trying now… My former boss is a… Continue reading My Christmas in the Desert