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Keukenhof: The Garden of My Dreams

In celebration of Valentine’s Day and considering that observing Valentine’s traditions require a lot of planning, creativity and resourcefulness in this part of the world, I thought to just write about a Valentine “necessity”. FLOWERS Three years ago, I can’t even remember how, but I chanced upon this beautiful, colorful and paradise-like garden, openly tucked… Continue reading Keukenhof: The Garden of My Dreams

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I’m 5 Years Old!!!

February 12, 2014 marks my 5th anniversary with the company I am working for and also my 5th in Afghanistan. This is by far the longest tenure in all of my career. I think 1 day, the Afghan government will just offer me citizenship to their country, hehe… 🙂 I am excited about this milestone.… Continue reading I’m 5 Years Old!!!


Birthday Travel Vision-board

If I have one vice, that would be food. But if I could have two, that would be food AND TRAVEL 🙂 I am a restless person. I find it difficult to stay still in my seat and be quiet. You can ask me to do one, I can do it. I can be still but… Continue reading Birthday Travel Vision-board