Tbilisian Street Photography

Tbilisian weather wasn’t the best when we were there. It was too hot when we arrived, and a week later, was pouring hard before we left. Nevertheless, we found getting lost in its cobblestoned streets pleasant… As each twist and turn offers secret visual sensory delights waiting to unfold. We found these few gems… Go… Continue reading Tbilisian Street Photography

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Yerevan’s Christmas Market

My trip to Armenia has been planned and executed in a spur of the moment. With little time left to plan and being a low season for tourists, I hurriedly checked the internet for things to do and sights to see in winter and during the Christmas season. Voila! Yerevan has been hosting its Christmas Market since 2012. For a… Continue reading Yerevan’s Christmas Market

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A Walking Tour in Old Tbilisi

Like any other European city, walking along the old city of Tbilisi is one of the must-do’s. Doing so provides you with a glimpse of what was in the past while discovering how it marries into the present. That we made sure to do in our short stay in Georgia’s capital as we also have… Continue reading A Walking Tour in Old Tbilisi